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Course Overview

This course introduces the Rohde & Schwarz R&S®PR200 Portable Monitoring Receiver and how to configure and operate the instrument to perform a range of common spectrum monitoring and interference hunting tasks. Topics covered on the course include RF signal demodulation, spectrum measurement and how to use a variety of built-in scanning functions to detect, receive and identify radio signals. The course includes guided step-by-step exercises for course participants to follow using their R&S®PR200.

What you will learn
  • R&S®PR200 instrument overview
  • Basic operation and configuration

  • Options and accessories

  • Signal processing in the R&S®PR200
  • Demodulation and level measurement

  • Spectrum and waterfall display

  • Scan functions of the R&S®PR200
  • Polychrome spectrum display

  • Zero span measurement

  • Gated spectrum measurement

Target Audience

This online course is ideal for those that will operate the R&S®PR200. Course participants should have an R&S®PR200 available so they can follow practical exercises within the course.

  • RF and Microwave Technicians and Engineers

  • Field-based RF and Microwave Equipment Installers

  • Radio Regulatory and Compliance Personnel

Technical Level

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the course, an ability to absorb and understand technical concepts is essential together with a desire to learn more about the topics covered. A basic knowledge of receiver technology is beneficial.

Time to Complete

Approx. 4 hrs

What’s Included?
  • Unlimited individual access to all course content on-demand 24/7 for 12 weeks

  • 86 minutes of focused video content
  • 4 modules covering the basic operation of the R&S®PR200
  • 13 individual video lessons
  • 16 practical exercises
  • Assessment questions to test your learning and progress
  • Certificate of Achievement issued by Rohde & Schwarz on completion (PDF)
Course Curriculum

4 modules – 13 video lessons – 86 mins video

• Instrument overview
• Practical exercise: Power supply and battery
• Basic operation and configuration
• Practical exercise: Display and audio configuration
• Options and accessories
• Practical exercise: Your first measurement
• Assessment
• Signal processing in the R&S®PR200
• Demodulation and level measurement
• Practical exercise: Receiving FM radio
• Spectrum and waterfall display
• Practical exercise: Spectrum display and markers
• Practical exercise: Waterfall display and history function
• Practical exercise: FFT detector
• Assessment
• Scan functions of the R&S®PR200
• Panorama Scan App
• Practical exercise: Trace Math
• Practical exercise: Panorama Scan
• Frequency Scan App
• Practical exercise: Frequency Scan
• Memory Scan App
• Practical exercise: Building up a memory list
• Practical exercise: Memory Scan
• Assessment
• Polychrome Spectrum App
• Practical exercise: Polychrome spectrum display
• Zero Span App
• Practical exercise: Zero span measurement
• Gated Spectrum App
• Practical exercise: Gated spectrum measurement with signal generators
• Practical exercise: Gated spectrum measurement with GSM or TDD LTE
• Assessment
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