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Course Overview

This short online course describes different connector types used at RF and microwave frequencies. It also discusses mechanical compatibility of connectors to avoid expensive equipment damage. Correct connector cleaning is also demonstrated, which helps ensure measurement accuracy. A review quiz is included to test knowledge and understanding.

What you will learn
  • Importance of connector care

  • Coaxial connector categories

  • Common coax line sizes

  • Inner conductor concepts

  • Slotted vs slotless connector interface

  • Precision connector frequency ranges

  • APC-3.5, APC-7, N-type and SMA connectors

  • Mechanically compatible connectors

  • Cleaning coaxial connectors

  • Connector savers and adaptors

  • Interface dimensions and gauging

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 45 mins

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Course Curriculum

4 modules – 16 video lessons – 37 mins total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – app download   – quiz

1.1 Importance of Connector Care  
1.2 Coaxial Connector Categories  
1.3 Common Coax Line Sizes  
1.4 Inner Conductor Concepts  
1.5 Slotted vs Slotless Connector Interface  
1.6 Precision Connector Frequency Ranges  

2.1 The 3.5 mm Connector (APC-3.5)  
2.2 The 7 mm Connector (APC-7)  
2.3 The N-Type Connector  
2.4 The SMA Connector  
2.5 Mechanically Compatible Connectors  
2.6 Module Quiz  

3.1 Cleaning Coaxial Connectors  
3.2 Video Demo – Cleaning RF Connectors  
3.3 Use of Connector Savers and Adaptors  
3.4 Interface Dimensions and Gauging  
3.5 Video Demo – Gauging  
3.6 Module Quiz  

4.1 Connector Care for RF and Microwave Coaxial Connectors – Hewlett Packard  
4.2 Guidance on Using Precision Coaxial Connectors in Measurement – Doug Skinner  
4.3 Microwave Coaxial Connector Technology: A Continuing Evolution – Maury Microwave  
4.4 Microwave Cable Assemblies – Huber+Suhner  
4.5 RF Connector Guide – Huber+Suhner  
4.6 RF Connector Care and Mating Guidelines – JFW Industries  
4.7 Recommended Reading  

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