Project Description

Course Overview

This short online course discusses a range of PCB parasitics and their effects in RF and high-speed digital circuits. A practical case study illustrates how stubs are used for matching, filtering and biasing in RF circuits.

What you will learn
  • Vias and stubs

  • PCB trace resistance

  • PCB inductance and capacitance

  • Impedance discontinuities

  • Stub effects

  • Via holes and their properties

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 40 mins

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Course Curriculum

5 modules – 14 video lessons – 31 minutes total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – quiz

1.1 PCB Parasitics – Vias and Stubs  

2.1 Materials Have Finite Resistance  
2.2 PCB Trace Parasitic Resistance  
2.3 PCB Inductance  
2.4 PCB Capacitance  

3.1 Impedance Discontinuities  
3.2 Stub Effects  

4.1 Properties of Vias  
4.2 Modelling Vias  
4.3 Using Vias for RF Signals  
4.4 Controlled Impedance Vias  
4.5 Types of Via Hole  
4.6 Vias and Drill Sizes  

5.1 Stubs for Matching, Filtering and Biasing Case Study  

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