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Course Overview

This online course discusses PCB grounding in RF and digital circuits. Understanding how ground currents flow is increasingly important at higher frequencies in order to obtain correct circuit performance. This course identifies a range of common high-frequency grounding issues and how to prevent them. A practical case study is used to illustrate how a ground return path problem was solved in a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) circuit.

What you will learn
  • PCB grounding

  • Common grounding issues

  • Ground return paths

  • Slots in ground planes

  • Grounding and supply distribution

  • Groundplane floods

  • Ground and Vcc bounce

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 35 mins

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Course Curriculum

5 modules – 13 video lessons – 30 minutes total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – quiz

1.1 Grounding  
1.2 Common Grounding Issues  

2.1 Signal Return Path  
2.2 Current Density  
2.3 Slots in Ground Planes  
2.4 Analyzing Ground Returns  

3.1 Grounding and Supply Distribution Strategy  
3.2 Groundplane Flood  

4.1 Ground Bounce  
4.2 Sources of Ground Bounce  
4.3 Ground Bounce in Digital Circuits  
4.4 Vcc Bounce  

5.1 Ground Currents – Ground Return Path Problem  

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