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Course Overview

This online course discusses different types of electromagnetic interference (EMI) commonly found in RF and digital circuits together with practical techniques for minimising EMI effects. The module begins by introducing some basic EMI concepts and mitigation techniques before illustrating how these are applied in practice through a range of case studies.

What you will learn
  • Types of EMI

  • Conducted and radiated emissions

  • Radiated susceptibility

  • Use of balanced circuits

  • Techniques for minimising EMI

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 1hr 30 mins

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Course Curriculum

6 modules – 23 video lessons – 82 mins total
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1.1 Electromagnetic Interference  
1.2 Coupling – Conducted Emissions  
1.3 Common Analogue Receptors   
1.4 Coupling – Radiated Emissions  
1.5 Sources of Electromagnetic Energy  
1.6 Radiated Susceptibility – Long Traces  
1.7 Radiated Susceptibility – Loops  
1.8 Balance Helps Limit Common-Mode EMI Response  
1.9 Balanced Analogue and Digital Circuits  
1.10 Low–Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS)  

2.1 Circuit Techniques to Minimise EMI  
2.2 Floorplanning for Isolation  
2.3 Floorplanning and Screening to Minimise Spurs  
2.4 Self–(Inflicted) EMI  

3.1 Power Amplifier Stability Problem  

4.1 Switched Mode PSU Inductor Coupling  

6.1 Conducted Emissions from Transmitter  

7.1 TDMA Burst Susceptibility  
7.2 Use of a 2–Turn Loop to Pinpoint Problems  
7.3 Rectification in Audio Devices  
7.4 Decoupling to Reduce TDMA Buzz  
7.5 Careful Decoupling of Op-Amps  

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