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Course Overview

This online course discusses the concept of noise, interference and crosstalk in RF and high-speed digital circuits. Capacitive coupling, inductive coupling and induced noise effects are described together with techniques for decreasing their impact on circuit performance.

What you will learn
  • Noise, interference, crosstalk and EMI

  • Crosstalk-induced errors

  • PCB capacitive coupling

  • PCB coupling noise reduction

  • Inductive cross-talk coupling by magnetic fields

  • How to decrease inductive cross-talk

  • Crosstalk-induced noise

  • Crosstalk guidelines

  • Ribbon cable topologies

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 30 mins

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Course Curriculum

5 modules – 16 video lessons – 25 mins total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – quiz

1.1 Noise, Interference and Crosstalk  
1.2 Noise, Crosstalk and EMI  
1.3 Crosstalk-Induced Errors  

2.1 PCB Capacitance – E-Field  
2.2 PCB Capacitive Coupling  
2.3 Capacitive Cross-Talk Coupling by Electric Fields  
2.4 PCB Coupling Noise Reduction  

3.1 Interacting Current Loops  
3.2 Traces That Form a Loop  
3.3 Loop Area Influences Inductance  
3.4 Inductive Cross-Talk Coupling by Magnetic Fields  
3.5 How to Decrease Inductive Cross-Talk  

4.1 Crosstalk-Induced Noise  
4.2 Voltage Profile of Coupled Noise  
4.3 Crosstalk Guidelines  

5.1 Ribbon Cable Topologies  

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