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Course Overview

This online course describes and discusses material properties and fabrication methods used for modern RF and high-speed digital circuit boards including high-speed multi-layer PCBs.

What you will learn
  • PCB materials and fabrication processes

  • Dielectric material properties and constants

  • PCB fabrication process

  • Etching tolerances

  • Board layer construction

  • Multilayer impedance design

  • Technology influence on PCB cost

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 45 mins

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Course Curriculum

2 modules – 17 video lessons – 36 mins total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – quiz

1.1 PCB Materials and Fabrication Processes  
1.2 Dielectric Materials Properties and Constants  
1.3 Dissipation Factors  
1.4 Prepreg Materials  
1.5 FR4 Variability  
1.6 Dielectric Variation  

2.1 PCB Fabrication Process  
2.2 Imaging, Etching and Bonding of Layers  
2.3 Etching Tolerances  
2.4 Thermal Properties of Tracks  
2.5 Board Layer Construction  
2.6 High-Speed Multi-Layer PCB  
2.7 Multilayer Impedance Design  
2.8 8-Layer PCB Structure  
2.9 Common 4-Layer RF Board Stack-up  
2.10 Composite Board Structures  
2.11 Technology Influence on PCB Cost  

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