Project Description

Course Overview

This short online course discusses signal reflection in traces and when transmission line effects need to be considered. It also provides guidelines for correctly terminating traces in order to maintain signal integrity.

What you will learn
  • Reflections and terminations

  • When to account for transmission line effects

  • Reflected waves – key concepts

  • Use of terminations to eliminate reflections

  • Series and parallel terminations

  • Understand non-linear modulation schemes

  • RC, Thévenin and diode terminations

  • Which termination to use?

Technical Level

Introductory and Intermediate

Time to Complete

Approx. 25 mins

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Course Curriculum

1.1 Reflections and Terminations (0:15)  
1.2 Reflective Energy (3:36)  
1.3 When to Account for Transmission Line Effects (1:11)  
1.4 Reflections from a 1nS Rise Time Signal (0:39)  
1.5 Reflected Waves – Key Concepts (1:52)  
1.6 Multiple Reflections – Over-Damped (1:21)  
1.7 Multiple Reflections – Under-Damped (0:43)  
1.8 Use of Terminations to Eliminate Reflections (0:55)  
1.9 Series Termination (1:56)  
1.10 Parallel Termination (3:01)  
1.11 RC Termination (1:32)  
1.12 Thévenin Termination (2:30)  
1.13 Diode Termination (1:40)  
1.14 Which Termination to Use? (1:22)  

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