Project Description

Course Overview

This short online course describes trace routing schemes in RF and digital PCB design. It includes a DDR3 design case study and guidelines for optimising trace bends and corners to minimise signal reflections.

What you will learn
  • Use of transmission lines
  • Trace routing schemes

  • Multi-drop configuration

  • Signal skew

  • Delay line design guidelines

  • DDR3 example

  • Transmission line bends and corners

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 20 mins

Course ID


Course Curriculum

1.1 Use of Transmission Lines (0:28)  
1.2 Trace Routing Schemes (2:52)  
1.3 Multi-Drop Configuration (1:30)  
1.4 Signal Skew (4:19)  
1.5 Delay Line Design Guidelines (2:46)  
1.6 DDR3 Example (1:35)  
1.7 Transmission Line Bends and Corners (2:38)  

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