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Course Overview

This short online certificate course provides an introduction to transmission lines without complex mathematics. Transmission lines are a fundamental concept in RF and so it’s important to understand their basic properties, particularly the effect of different load terminations. Review quizzes are included throughout the course to test knowledge and understanding.

What you will learn
  • Understand the principle of power transfer efficiency

  • Know the fundamentals of transmission lines

  • Define transmission line characteristic impedance Zo

  • Understand the effects of different transmission line terminations

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

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Course Curriculum

6 modules – 13 video lessons – 71 mins total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – app download   – quiz

1.1 Power Transfer Efficiency  
1.2 Supporting Notes  
1.3 Module Quiz  

2.1 Transmission Line Fundamentals  
2.2 Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance Zo  
2.3 Transmission Line Terminated in Zo  
2.4 Transmission Line Terminated with Short and Open Circuit  
2.5 Transmission Line Terminated with 25 Ω  
2.6 Supporting Notes  
2.7 Module Quiz  

3.1 High-Frequency Device Characterization  
3.2 Reflection Parameters  
3.3 Transmission Parameters  
3.4 Supporting Notes  
3.5 Module Quiz  

4.1 Introduction to S-Parameters  
4.2 Explanation of S-Parameters  
4.3 S-Parameter Equations  
4.4 Supporting Notes  
4.5 Module Quiz  

5.1 Introduction to S-Parameters  
5.2 Smith Charts  
5.3 Supporting Notes  
5.4 Module Quiz  

6.1 Recommended Reading  

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