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Course Overview

This online course describes and discusses the effect of matching on the performance of RF and microwave power amplifiers. The course will help you understand how to select optimum input and output matching circuits in order to achieve the correct trade-off between key power amplifier performance parameters such as gain, output power and efficiency.

What you will learn
  • Difference between power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers

  • Effect of conjugate matching on performance

  • Nonlinear power amplifier model

  • Small signal power amplifier behaviour

  • RF waveforms and matching impedances

  • Effect of reactance on power amplifier performance

  • Current generator plane

  • Basics of waveform engineering

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 45 mins

Course ID


Course Curriculum

2 modules – 13 video lessons – 30 mins total

1.1 Introduction  
1.2 Comparison of Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier  
1.3 Effect of Conjugate Matching  
1.4 Nonlinear Power Amplifier Model  
1.5 Small Signal Power Amplifier Behaviour  
1.6 RF Waveforms I  
1.7 RF Waveforms II  
1.8 Observed Effect of Load Impedance  
1.9 Load Line Theory Reference  
1.10 Power Transfer  
1.11 Reactive Effects  
1.12 Current Generator Plane  
1.13 Waveform Engineering  

2.1 Avago ATF-53189 E-pHEMT FET Datasheet  
2.2 Cree CGHV40030 30W GaN HEMT Datasheet  
2.3 Recommended Reading  

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