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Course Overview

This short online course describes the concept of phase noise and shows how it can degrade the performance of wireless systems due to reciprocal mixing. The module also reviews and compares a range of phase noise measurement methods. A review quiz is included to test knowledge and understanding.

What you will learn
  • Definition of phase noise

  • Phase noise of sources and devices

  • Phase noise concept

  • Stability and carrier noise terms

  • Effects of phase noise – reciprocal mixing

  • Single-sideband phase noise

  • Phase noise measurement methods

  • Comparison of methods and sources of uncertainty

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 20 mins

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Course Curriculum

1.1 What is Phase Noise? (2:23)  
1.2 Phase Noise of Sources and Devices (0:22)  
1.3 Phase Noise Concept (1:04)  
1.4 Terms Used to Define Stability and Noise on a Carrier (0:57)  

2.1 Effects of Phase Noise – Reciprocal Mixing (3:17)  
2.2 Single-Sideband Phase Noise (1:09)  
2.3 Phase Noise in Digital Communications Systems (1:10)  
2.4 Constellations with Phase Noise (3:24)  

3.1 Phase Noise Measurement Methods (0:45)  
3.2 Basis of All Phase Noise Measurement Techniques (0:36)  

4.1 Measuring Phase Noise with a Spectrum Analyser (1:51)  
4.2 Spectrum Analyser with External Preselection (1:09)  

5.1 Comparison of Methods and Sources of Uncertainty (1:21)  

6.1 Review Questions  

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