Project Description

Course Overview

This short online course introduces the concept of noise in RF and microwave systems and how it is measured. It begins by defining a basic noise equation before explaining how noise sources are used to provide a known reference for measuring noise figure. The course concludes with a review of a typical noise figure measurement system and how to use a noise figure meter. A review quiz is included to test knowledge and understanding.

What you will learn
  • Definition of noise figure

  • Why and how noise figure is measured

  • Use of noise sources

  • Avalanche diode noise source

  • Typical noise figure measurement system

  • Noise figure meters

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 30 mins

Course ID


Course Curriculum

1.1 What is Noise Figure? (4:59)  
1.2 Why Do We Measure Noise? (0:16)  
1.3 What Do We Measure? (0:51)  
1.4 How Do We Measure Noise? (1:28)  

2.1 Noise Sources (0:44)  
2.2 Avalanche Diode Noise Source (2:20)  

3.1 Typical Noise Figure Measurement System (1:46)  
3.2 Typical Noise Figure Meters (0:41)  
3.3 Video Demo – Simplified Noise Figure Measurement with a VNA (9:43)  
3.4 Video Demo – Noise Figure and Gain Measurements Using a Signal Analyzer (3:48)  

4.1 Review Questions  

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