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Course Overview

This online course provides a comprehensive introduction to vector network analyzers (VNAs), which are one of the most widely used instruments in RF and microwave engineering. A series of video demonstrations is included as well as a review quiz to test knowledge and understanding.

What you will learn
  • Network analyzers and architecture

  • Error-correction and calibration methods

  • Multiport and balanced device measurements

  • Group delay measurements

  • RF and microwave amplifier measurements

  • Time-domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements

Technical Level


Time to Complete

Approx. 3 hr 30 mins

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Course Curriculum

10 modules – 48 video lessons – 181 mins total
– video lesson   – pdf download   – app download   – quiz

1.1 Course Overview  

2.1 Vector Network Analyzers  
2.2 How is Reflection Coefficient Measured?  
2.3 How are Two-Port Devices Measured?  
2.4 Test Sets  
2.5 Behaviour of Ideal and Actual Couplers  
2.6 Constituent Parts of Source Match  
2.7 Systematic Measurement Errors  
2.8 Full Two-Port Error Model  

3.1 Vector Error Correction  
3.2 Calibration Standards and Types  
3.3 Simple Response Calibration  
3.4 Two-Port Calibration  
3.5 Response Versus Two-Port Calibration  
3.6 Calibration Kits  
3.7 Respect Your Cal Kit  
3.8 ECal – Electronic Calibration  
3.9 Thru-Reflect-Line (TRL) Calibration  
3.10 TRL and LRL Calibrations  
3.11 TRL Calibration on Microstrip  
3.12 Semi-Rigid Coax Calibration Kit  
3.13 Video Demo – Performing Network Analyser Coaxial Calibration  
3.14 Video Demo – Defining Waveguide Calibrations Kits  
3.15 Video Demo – Measuring the Return Loss of a Printed Antenna  

4.1 S-Parameters for Balanced Devices  
4.2 Balanced SAW Filter Example  

5.1 Group Delay Measurements  
5.2 Video Demo – Group Delay Measurement Using a VNA  

6.1 Amplifier Stability Measurements  
6.2 Amplifier Measurements Using VNAs  
6.3 Amplifier Power Sweep – Compression Measurements  
6.4 Video Demo – Characterising Power Amplifiers Using a VNA  
6.5 Video Demo – Two Tone Intermodulation Measurements Using a VNA  
6.6 Video Demo – Power Calibration for Amplifier Measurements  

7.1 Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Measurements  
7.2 Time-Domain Transformations  
7.3 TDR Characterisation  
7.4 Time-Domain Gating  
7.5 Video Demo – Time-Domain Response of Different Terminations  
7.6 Video Demo – Time-Domain Response of Stub Tuner  

8.1 Calibration, Verification and Accuracy  
8.2 Measurement of Effective Directivity Below 6 GHz  
8.3 Measurement of Effective Directivity Above 6 GHz  
8.4 Effective Source Match  
8.5 Non-Linearity, Noise and Isolation  
8.6 Effective Isolation and Noise  
8.7 Effective Load Match  
8.8 Transmission and Reflection Tracking  

9.1 Review Questions  

10.1 Application Note – Fundamentals of Vector Network Analysis  
10.2 Recommended Reading  

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