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Mass production of FMCW radar sensors driven by demand for automotive applications has resulted in availability of commercial FMCW radar devices at modest cost. This in turn is leading to new applications for FMCW radar beyond automotive.

This course provides an introduction in FMCW radar sensors and systems. It begins with an overview of general radar principles. Pulse and Doppler radar techniques are then reviewed before explaining how FMCW radar systems operate, particularly their advantages compared to conventional radar techniques.

The course continues with a discussion of FMCW radar system functional blocks. This is followed by an explanation of how an FMCW radar measures both range and velocity of moving targets as well as key parameters affecting range and velocity resolution.

The course concludes with a review of the regulatory requirements of an FMCW radar sensor. This includes a discussion of the performance measurements needed to prove a device meets regulatory standards.

What you will learn
  • Understand basic principles of radar operation

  • Describe the function of a pulse radar

  • Describe the function of a Doppler radar

  • Explain the function of an FMCW radar and its advantages

  • Explain the functional blocks of an FMCW radar

  • Describe how an FMCW radar measures range and velocity

  • Explain which parameters affect range and velocity resolution

  • List the regulatory requirements of an FMCW radar sensor

  • Describe key FMCW regulatory measurements

Target Audience

This online course is ideal for those involved in designing, measuring and specifying FMCW radar sensors and systems.

  • RF and Microwave Design Engineers

  • RF and Microwave Radar Systems Engineers

  • Field-based Radar Engineers and Technicians

  • Radio Regulatory and Compliance Personnel

Technical Level

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the course, an ability to absorb and understand technical concepts is essential together with a desire to learn more about the topics covered. A basic knowledge of RF and microwave technology is beneficial.

Time to Complete

Approx. 90 mins

What’s Included?
  • Unlimited individual access to all course content on-demand 24/7 for 365 days

  • 90 minutes of focused tutorial content

  • 3 modules covering FMCW radar principles

  • Assessment questions to test your learning and progress

  • Certificate of Achievement issued by Rohde & Schwarz on completion (PDF)

Course Curriculum

3 modules – 8 lessons – 90 mins tutorials

• Introduction
• Chapter 1: Pulse RADAR and Doppler RADAR
• Chapter 2: FMCW RADAR Functional Principle
• Assessment
• Exercises
• Introduction
• Chapter 1: FMCW Radar Functional Description
• Chapter 2: Measurement of Range and Velocity
• Chapter 3: Range and Velocity Resolution
• Assessment
• Exercises
• Introduction
• Chapter 1: Testing FMCW RADAR Components
• Chapter 2: Testing the RADAR Sensor Function
• Chapter 3: Verification of Regulatory Compliance
• Assessment
• Exercises
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