Founded in 2007, we are an independent company that develops and delivers online and classroom training courses in the fields of radio frequency (RF), wireless and broadcast engineering technology. Our instruction is focused is on teaching practical, relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge, underpinned by essential theory that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

As experts in their respective fields, all of our instructors are carefully selected from leading technology companies and universities for their comprehensive knowledge and experience of the subject matter they teach. Each has an ability to translate complex technical theory into practical, understandable and relevant concepts and convey this to a professional audience in an effective, lively and enthusiastic manner.

We aim to deliver technology training excellence in an engaging and enthusiastic manner, inspiring individuals to achieve their goals while adding measurable value to their companies and organisations. All of our courses are taught by leading technical experts from industry and academia with many years of experience in their specialist fields.

Out mission is to provide technology professionals with relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge in order to significantly enhance their productivity and increase the competitive advantage of their employers.

Our vision is to be widely known within our technology niches as a premium provider of training courses, setting a respected benchmark for technology education excellence.

The following six core values are central to how we operate:

Responsive – We continually adapt and update courses to encompass feedback, technology developments and best learning practices.

Stimulating – We deliver remarkable training in an engaging and enthusiastic manner, inspiring individuals to achieve their goals.

Supportive – We provide help and support, so that individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for success in their chosen field.

Focused – We deliver results that make a positive impact on individuals and add measurable value to their companies and organisations.

Integrity – We operate with uncompromising integrity and a commitment to financial responsibility.

Professional – We treat staff, instructors, delegates and their organisations with utmost respect and continually strive for excellence.