Radio Frequency (RF), Wireless and Broadcast Engineering Courses



Learn from leading technical experts

The Technology Academy offers a growing range of RF courses, wireless courses and broadcast technology courses delivered on-demand and in the classroom. Learn from our leading technical experts and benefit from their many years of real-world experience. Let us teach you the practical, relevant and up-to-date technical knowledge needed to accelerate your career.

Recent Tutorials

Logarithms – Logs

The logarithm is a type of scientific notation used to define the decibel (dB). This tutorial defines and explains how logs are used in RF engineering.

Decibels – dB

The decibel (dB) is is a widely used measurement unit in RF engineering. Learn about the basics of decibels and how they are used in this tutorial.

Decibel Arithmetic

Decibels make multiplying and dividing the small and large power levels found in RF engineering much easier. This tutorial defines and explains how decibels are used.

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